Managing Director
Chris Isherwood

Production Supervisior
Michael Van Dyk

Accounts & Admin
Pam McPhee / Anne Curtis


What size pressure vessel heads can you form?

Torisphericalheads from 450 id up to 4000id.

2:1 Semi Ellipsoidal heads from 1200 - 2500 diameter.

Hemispheres from 450 od maximum sizes confirmed on application.


What thickness can we form?

Our thickness range is;

Heads between 450 - 800, when flanging is required, 3 mm - 8 mm

Heads between 800 -1200, when flanging is required 3 mm - 10 mm. 

Heads between 1200 & 3000, 6 mm - 20 mm 

Heads to 3000 to 4000, thickness confirmed on request.


What materials can you form heads from?

The common materials we use are stainless steel 316 & 304, mild steel grade 7-460,350 & 250, also duplex alloys. We also have formed Aluminium, Copper, Bisalloy, Inconel, Nickel Hastelloy etc.

Do you have Quality Assurance?

The simple answer is no, however we have an internal system that covers the following: Material traceability, weld procedures, manufacturer’s data reports. Our reporting system has been designed in conjunction with key customer requirements, and has been developed to satisfy the requirements of AS 1210, AS 4458, PED; we also carry a copy of ASME VIII division I, for reference. Where further reporting is required we can recommend an experienced 3rd party inspector.

What is the largest diameter you can dish?

On a dished and flanged end up to 4000mm diameter, although we have done slightly larger in heads formed from segments. What is the largest size you can knuckle? We have formed a knuckle on a flat base that was 10500 mm in diameter from 4mm ss, the only thing restricting this size is the amount of work required to jig our machine.

We need cones flanged. Can you form and flange cones?

We form cones out of light gauge materials, if fabrication of cones is required we can arrange for this using regular suppliers. This service can extend to brake pressing, rolling, folding etc.

2.1m for architectural feature

4000mm x 12mm 316 SS Tori head welded to Class 1

1500 hemisphere formed for Kockums industries dry bulk carriers.