Managing Director
Chris Isherwood

Production Supervisor
Michael Van Dyk

Accounts & Admin
Pam McPhee / Anne Curtis

ABN: 49 283 731 581



Since 1983, Dished and Flanged Ends core has been the manufacturing of cold formed dished & flanged ends.
Our customers include:

*manufacturers of pressure vessels,

*storage vessels etc.

*Plant and processing equipment.


Our customers service the mining, pharmeauceutical, dairy, wine, hot water, road transport, dry bulk carriers and cement mixers, to name a few.
We also form domes for use in moulds for plastic, fibreglass, concrete etc. 
Our shapes have been used for public and urban art, and have been shown in galleries.
Many of our shapes are custom made, but please ask about our range of stock Hot Pressed Code heads.

Other Products from Dished Ends