Mangaging Director
Chris Isherwood

Production Supervisior
Michael Van Dyk

Accounts/ Admin
Pam McPhee


Dished and flanged ends was formed in july 1983, when the dished end division of via was taken over and began trading as a stand alone company under the title of dished & flanged ends. Back then the operation consisted of 4 people including the managing director, 2 boilermakers and an apprentice. The business survived in a factory approximately 3500 square feet in east keilor, using one press and one knuckling machine to cold form heads. Since 1983 the business has seen a number of developments allowing it to better serve the needs of a changing industry.

In july of 1999 the business underwent a change in ownership between its founder alan isherwood, to his son chris. Currently the business occupies 2 factorys with 1100 square metres in tullamarine, and employs 14 people dedicated to cold forming dished and flanged ends.

We have grown to 5 presses and 3 flanging machines, along with facilities used in fabrication and manufacturing. We have submerged arc welding and semi automatic welding machine that has been developed in house specifically for welding the blanks used in domed heads. The core of the business remains dedicated to manufacturing cold formed heads, for pressure vessels, storage vessels, bulk heads, flanging of cones and flat flanged ends and the flaring of barrels.

Please browse thorugh our gallery to see the variety of projects we have worked on over the past 30 years.

4000mm x 12mm 316 SS Tori head welded to Class 3

Beverage drive work shop.

3500 diameter hemisphere formed from 10 segments